If you’re visiting Lake Chelan this summer, you’re in for a treat – and some serious heat!

In the summer months, temperatures in the valley can reach the triple digits. The cool, clear waters of Lake Chelan are a desert oasis. On a hot, hot day, the lake is oh so enticing. A dip in the lake helps cool you off on the hottest of days, but that’s not the only way to cool down. Here is our guide to beating the heat in Lake Chelan this summer!

#1: The Lake

This one’s a no-brainer, right?

Nothing is more effective and more satisfying than jumping in the lake on a summer day. Glacial waters provide the perfect respite from a sweltering sun. As soon as you hit the water, you’ll feel refreshed and restored. Grab an inflatable raft, a stand-up paddleboard, or simply swim around in the clear waters for an easy way to chill out and cool off in no time.

#2: Your Rental

While nothing beats the lake, finding a rental with a pool comes in a close second

Celebration Lookout over Manson Bay

A pool at your rental makes going for a quick dip to cool off easy and breezy. Enjoy a cocktail over ice as you float the afternoon away or make a splash with a cannonball competition. As long as it cools you down, there’s no wrong way to enjoy your pool time. Browse our rental properties to find a pool that suits you!

#3: Bottoms Up!

Refresh with a glass of something local

Photo | Steelhead Cider

Picture this: you’re roasting under the glorious sun on the shores of Lake Chelan. You head to downtown Chelan or Manson and order an icy pint of something delicious. Immediate chills, right? A refreshing local beer or cider with friends is a surefire way to beat the heat. Head out to taste at local tasting rooms like Steelhead Cider or Lake Chelan Brewery, or pick up a six-pack or bottle to enjoy back at your rental. Bonus points if you chill your pint glasses ahead of time and enjoy poolside!

#4: Ice, Ice, Baby

Caution, brain freeze ahead

Photo | Goldie’s

You can’t go wrong with some icy goodness on a hot afternoon. And, lucky for us, cold treats can come in many forms. An ice cream cone from Green Dot Sub Shop, a milkshake from Lakeview Drive-In, shaved ice at Lakeside Park, or a smoothie from Goldie’s can do wonders for cooling you down on a toasty summer day. Enjoy your chilly treat as you browse the local shops or walk by the water.

#5: Hit the Slides!

Beat the heat with a thrill

Photo | Slidewaters

We’ve covered the lake and the pool, but we couldn’t write about beating the heat without suggesting a day trip to Slidewaters. Spend a day sliding down your favorites rides, like the Purple Haze, or float the Lazy River all day long – we won’t judge. But don’t leave without trying your surfing skills at their new wave pool! It’s a fun, exciting way to cool off on those hot summer days.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself and your crew to Lake Chelan ASAP to enjoy a revitalizing summer getaway. Search our rentals today to find the perfect place!