Dear Valued Guests, we appreciate you staying with us! The pool and BBQ's are closed for the season and will re-open in the Spring. Thanks for your understanding!

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  • Do you allow pets?

    For the health and safety of all of our guests, and to honor our commitment to the condo ownership, we do NOT allow pets on property at any time. Please contact us for a list of reputable kennels in the area.

  • Is there daily linen service?

    There is daily linen and consumable restocking service available UPON REQUEST. Each condo is fully stocked prior to your arrival. Many units have washer/dryer in the unit if you need to wash towels. We offer a bed and linen swap and consumable restocking service for $35/day.

  • Where do I check-in?

    Please check-in at the front desk to receive your parking pass(es) and your room keys. The office hours are 7 days/week: 8am to 10pm from May 1st to Sept 30 and 8am to 8pm October 1 through April 31.

  • Is there moorage on-site?

    We do have have limited buoy moorage on-site and it is “first-come, first-serve”. meaning that whichever guest gets to it first can use it. We do not offer reservations on the moorage at this time.

  • How many parking spaces am I allowed?

    If you are staying in a 1-bedroom condo or smaller (Deluxe Queen, King View, Queen non-view, etc.) you are limited to 1 car on the premises. If you have a 2-bedroom or larger condo, you are limited to 2 cars. If you need to park another car, you can inquire about parking options off-site at the front desk. PARKING PASSES MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES. Failure to display parking pass may result in towing at your expense.

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