Are you a wine enthusiast looking for the perfect wineries to visit during your next vacation? When you book lodging at the Grandview on the Lake, you’ll be within a 5 minute drive of some of the best wineries in the Lake Chelan Wine Valley. With its picturesque setting and ideal growing conditions, Chelan is home to a number of boutique wineries that create some truly exceptional wine.


Rocky Pond Tasting Room


Photo Credit: Rocky Pond Winery

Rocky Pond Tasting Room is located just a short stroll from the Grandview. This winery offers a variety of wine flights, accompanied by unique culinary delights. Be sure to check out the Rocks Society private room, where you can catch a glimpse of the sustainably farm-to-table small plates coming alive before your eyes. Rocky Pond Tasting Room is open Wednesday through Sunday, so be sure to plan your visit accordingly.


One Wines Inc.


Photo credit: One Wines Inc

One Wines is another must-visit winery in Chelan. As its name suggests, this boutique winery produces just one premium red, white, and rosé wine each year. With less than 800 cases produced annually, these wines are truly special and worth savoring. In addition to their signature wines, One Wines also offers several beers for those looking for something different.


Sigillo Cellars


Photo credit: Sigillo Cellars

Sigillo Cellars is another popular winery in the Chelan area. With events, live music, stunning views, and a delectable menu featuring cheeseboards and charcuterie, Sigillo Cellars is a great spot to relax and unwind. The winery’s outdoor patio is particularly lovely, offering sweeping views of the lake, surrounding hills and valleys.


Vin Du Lac


Photo credit: Vin Du Lac

Vin Du Lac, which means “wine of the lake” in French, is another winery you won’t want to miss. With an array of award-winning wines and a farm-to-table bistro menu, Vin Du Lac is the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The winery’s vegetable and herb garden ensures that you’ll always enjoy the freshest possible dishes, which change with the seasons.


Mellisoni Vineyards


Photo credit: Mellisoni Vineyards

Last but not least, Mellisoni Vineyards is a stunning winery situated right on the shores of Lake Chelan. This winery was created with the goal of making tastings and pairings more personal, and visitors will appreciate the high quality, small-batched collections of wine. The intimate hosting and gorgeous waterside setting make for a truly unique experience that you won’t soon forget.


No matter which wineries you choose to visit in Chelan, you’re sure to be impressed by the stunning scenery, high-quality wines, and friendly hospitality. So why not book your next vacation at Grandview on the Lake so you can be conveniently located to these amazing wineries? Your taste buds will thank you!