Our crystal clear glacier-fed waters draw people near and far to the shores here. The water is refreshing and soothing to say the least! To avoid crowds or venture away from the busier spots, we have several swimming suggestions for you!


Green Dock

Arguably the most secluded swimming spot in town, Green Dock is conveniently located near Lakeside on the south shore. If you didn’t know it was there, you might just miss it. Tucked near the entrance of a residential waterfront neighborhood is a small sandy beach open to you and your family. Here you can swim in shallow water all day long and not have to compete for finding the perfect spot because this beach does not lend itself to crowds.


Riverwalk Park

Show up in your swimsuit and head straight toward the water! Riverwalk Park is a great spot for a relaxing day of soaking up the heat and finally reading that book on your nightstand. Kayaks and paddleboards are also welcomed and encouraged. Bring along a picnic lunch, some towels or blankets to lay on, and just like that your day is booked.


Manson Bay

Manson Bay is perfect if you’re spending your day in Manson. With an ample amount of grass and a dock to jump off of, you can spend your entire day here and not know where the time went. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Manson, you are able to visit shops and wineries before or after your day at the water. Bring an afternoon picnic or go for a swim and experience Lake Chelan at its best!

Enjoy swimming on your vacation the way the locals do and take a day to soak up summer! Visit one of the many swimming spots here and give yourself a chance to relax. You will never regret time spent with your loved ones making memories on our shores.