So many things to do, and so little time to do them! If you are planning a quick trip to Lake Chelan this fall, you’ll have to be selective about which activities you do or don’t participate in, and we are here to help! Here is a list of “must-do’s” for your short weekend away this October.

Chelan Electric Bike Tour

Select either the Award Winning Winery Tour, the Path Less Pedaled Tour, or make it your own during a Custom Tour when you book your next ride with Chelan Electric Bike Tour.

Sip wine, race through beautiful scenery, or travel downtown on this non-stop adventure perfect for October. If you get tired along the way, use the battery on the bike to power through!

Photo | Fielding Hills Winery

Wine Tasting

Don’t miss out on the over 30 wineries currently offering tastings. While you won’t make it to all of them, tasting in Lake Chelan is a must, especially this time of year!

Enjoy stunning views, great food, and live music at several locations throughout the month.

Lake Chelan Crush Festival

During the first two weekends of October, you will find events such as the grape stomp, barrel room tours, dancing, and so much more when you attend the annual Lake Chelan Crush Festival.

Photo | Lake Chelan Wine Valley

Photo | Lake Chelan Chamber

Hike the Chelan Butte

The valley is full of scenic hikes, but some trails can be challenging to get to or will last the majority of your day. The Chelan Butte trailhead, however, is located on the outskirts of town and can be tailored to any length, making it the perfect hike for your short time frame.

Take in the entire valley when you climb to the top of the trail with a 2,735 ft elevation gain over 3.5 miles!

Golf at Lake Chelan

Choose from one of eight places to golf in the area, each with breathtaking views and challenging courses.

We highly recommend the Lake Chelan Golf Course, which was donated to the city of Chelan in 1975. Often noted as the “affordable choice,” course conditions rival the best in the area and keep customers coming back to play each year.

Photo | Lake Chelan Chamber

It might seem impossible to squeeze in all the fun during your weekend trip to Lake Chelan, but remember, you can always come back for more! We’re happy to have you.