The past year has been… well, you know. After almost a year of social distancing and staying safe, we’re all feeling a little antsy. But if there’s one good thing that has come from the upheaval of our normal everyday lives, it’s a newfound freedom to work from home. And by work from home, we really mean work from Grandview with a spectacular view of Lake Chelan as your backdrop.

Stay Connected

Here at Grandview, we provide complimentary high-speed WiFi. Our high-speed connection makes attending Zoom meetings and answering emails a breeze. Get connected and spend a productive morning before enjoying all that Lake Chelan has to offer.

Book your room, grab your charger, and hit the road to work from “home” with us!

Blue Light

We’ve all heard that too much blue light produced by digital screens can put a strain on our eyes. While you’re working from Grandview, give your eyes a break by taking in a different blue – the blue of Lake Chelan on an early spring day.

Try taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes in order to reduce strain on your eyes and take in the calming beauty of the water. It’s just enough time for a few deep breaths as your vision gets a little break from all that screen time.

Take Breaks

Have some free time between meetings? Get outside for a mile-long walk or jog around Riverwalk Park. Soak up the peace, quiet, and beauty so you can return to your workday feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Have a jam-packed schedule? Take a phone call as you walk to work some movement into your busy day!

Photo | Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

Treat Yourself

After a hard day’s work, you deserve a bit of a treat. Close your laptop for the day and order takeout from one of the many nearby restaurants in downtown Chelan!

Some of our favorites include Local Myth Pizza, Marcela’s Cocina, or Stormy Mountain Brewing. Open a bottle of wine from your favorite Chelan winery and enjoy the sunset over the water – all from your room at Grandview.

Photo | Stormy Mountain Brewing

Who said working from home has to be boring? We’re taking it to a whole new level here at Grandview and we’re waiting for you!