Things are heating up!

The past couple of months have kept many of us inside and, if you’re like us, you must be itching to get out on your favorite lake again. The days are long and hot and the water is as clear, cool, and refreshing as ever. Although you don’t have to leave Grandview to take full advantage of hot summer days at the lake, here are some of our favorite ways to soak up the summertime fun in Lake Chelan.


What better way to pass a day on Lake Chelan than on a boat. Pack a cooler with lunch and climb aboard a rental for the day. Bask in the sun as you cruise or attach the tube or water skis for some high-speed adventuring. Nothing cools you down like the wind in your hair as you wind and weave through the water. Or rent a pair of jet-skis for an afternoon of zipping around the lake!For more information on renting a boat or jet ski, head to the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce website or call our vacation planners at 509-415-3505 to get started.

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Have you ever seen Lake Chelan from above? It’s an unforgettable view. Grab a friend or two and book an appointment. You’ll get reeled out on an 800-foot line into a clear blue sky where you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the lake, the towns of Chelan and Manson, the vineyards and orchards, and the surrounding hills. You’ll even have a chance to dip your toes in the water on your way back to the boat. There’s nothing quite like it.Get more information or book your appointment with Chelan Parasail here!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Need a leisurely way to pass the day? Rent stand-up paddleboards from LakeRider Sports at Don Morse Park and paddle to your heart’s content. Stay near the shore and bask in the sun or paddle out further to explore. You can even try out some paddleboard yoga if you’re feeling brave!
Whether you’re simply relaxing or trying to get a workout in, a day spent on a paddleboard is always a day well spent.

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So what are you waiting for? Grab your swimsuit and sunnies and hit the water! Lake Chelan is waiting for you.